I Just Might Be Flunking At This Blog Stuff

Seriously, I love my new site and I love this blog idea but my last post was April.  My new goal is at least once a week.  At least!  I bet you're wondering how I will accomplish this, right?  Well, I have a plan that I set in motion last week.  I dusted off my Macbook Pro and updated, verified the disc, repaired the disc, watched 83 youtube videos, suddenly I was watching ship wrecks so I got back on track and finished watching more Macbook repair videos, I removed tons of junk from 2011 and BAM my laptop was coming back to life.  It stopped crashing when I opened Safari (the internet on a Mac) and it's still going strong.  Fingers crossed.  I know, I know...why in the heck does all this matter?  It matters because late at night I finally have time to blab and run my mouth and I don't like to do it on my desktop in my office.  I love to lay in bed and type away.  I call these the honest hours.  

What exactly is the honest hours?  They are the hours that I'm just tired and rummy enough that I speak the truth.  I'm more opinionated.  I love to write my reviews at night too.  It's like the words flow and my fingers can't type fast enough.  I will have two opposing thoughts and I will ramble on for hours about them.  The only scary part is the next morning when I have had my rest and I go back and read what I wrote...uhhh, it can be scary but I usually end up laughing at myself and that little, tiny person inside says, "Leave it, don't change it!", so I don't and my "chick-balls" grow a little bit bigger and I have the confidence to say what I'm thinking even more the next time.  Otherwise known as, wearing you big girl panties! 

Why does my honesty, thoughts and ideals really matter?  For doodles sakes, I'm only a dog breeder.  Right?!  Don't you remember the first time you saw your fifth grade teacher smoking at the park?  Yeah, this is going to reveal my age, a little, but there was a time when people could smoke in public.  I remember seeing Mrs. Steskal, my fifth grade teacher, smoking somewhere.  My world crashed around me.  How could SHE be smoking and have a life?  I thought she crawled into her closet at school and waited patiently for all of us to return so she could be a teacher.  Wasn't that her only life?  Well, I'm here to break it to "you-all", it wasn't her only life and she was a person behind that teaching thing she did.  

Well, I'm not just a dog breeder.  I've had quite the life and many experiences that brought me to the person that chose to have puppies and dogs in my world.  I have many things I want to share and most will be related to dogs and doodles but many may not.  You can even stalk me and find out who is "that lady" you're considering adopting a dog from or my friends can check up on my thoughts here and then latter they can mention they read this and I can feel all creeped out and shocked that someone is actually readying my late night blogging.  I'm sure my Aunt will send me this printed out with grammatical corrections or Katie will tell me, "SHE" not "her".  I get corrected a lot.   

Anyways, my laptop is functioning and I'm ready to finish what I started here.  If you have any specific questions you'd like my opinion on let me know.  Plus, I will be snagging stuff from our private group on Facebook to share here.  Our private group is about the best place online.  I love it and all the posts.  The private group is for our families with their doodles. (and they have to be good boys and girls)

Let me know you're reading this with a comment or private message.  I'd love to hear from each and every person...well, not every person.   Now, they know who they are, and it's definitely not you, if you're wondering: "Oh no, is she talking to me?"  If you have to ask yourself that then NO!! I'm not talking to you, and... you are actually a wonderful person because you think it could be you when you are probably someone I love and adore or would love and adore if I got to know you better.  It's the ones that think they are smarter than you, they tell tall tales and they could never imagine anyone is on to them.  So, those two women, please just get off my site, NOW, and go crawl under the rock you came out of.  Let's hope I leave that last funny line...we shall see in the morning.  :)  

See I told you anything can happen when blogging late at night.......bahahahahah