If you have a doodle mix and your fed up, tired, over-whelmed, in a bind or just can't care for your doodle any longer please contact Jeannine at 209-217-7116 & Dale 209-256-7095 in a text message stating "Doodle in need of rescue".  We have a no-questions asked policy with some minor exceptions.  We've accepted doodle mixes from numerous sources.  This includes shelters, vets, breeders and families.  We understand unwanted litters or accidental litters when you were supposed to fix your doodle.  We will hold your information in the strictest confidence and provide care to the doodle-mix pups or grown doodle-mix.  Our only goal is to provide your unwanted pet another chance with another family.  Rest assured our rescues are provided with the best care and they will find a home, even if it takes multiple tries.  

Please be aware, if you have a doodle mix that has bit someone and there is a report with your local authorities we will quarantine the required timeframe, speak with the authorities regarding our opinion of your dog and take all steps to required by law for that dog.  In some cases, the authorities will want possession of your dog.  It is essential, your dog is provided to the authorities in the time frame requested.  We will not accept a dog that is being hidden from authorities.  If we do find out, after the fact, that a rescue brought to us was done so to hide it from authorities we will comply with the law by providing your information and your dog.