About us


Sugar Pine Doodles is located in beautiful, Amador County, California. We are a small to medium sized, in home, breeder.  Our pets are everything to us, they even sleep in our master bedroom every night and they are the children we always wanted.  Indeed, we take them everywhere with us, including every family function, kids sporting events, day trips, and always to our local Feed Barn and Lowes (unfortunately, our local grocer won't let our perfect pets come grocery shopping).  We even make special dog food and homemade treats.  We really LOVE our doodles. 


Wanna Know More About Us?

We have been dog owners our entire lives and breeders for about 20 years between the two of us.  Dale bred Cocker Spaniels and Jeannine bred Labrador Retrievers many years ago.  Then in 2006 we purchased, Kona, a chocolate, multi-generational, Australian Labradoodle from Darby Park Doodles located in Brentwood, California.  For the first four years with Kona we watched, tested, trained, and fell in love with her and the Australian Labradoodle Breed.  We were amazed daily at her kindness, intelligence, connection to people, and the way she carried herself.  After time passed we decided with guidance from our mentor breeder, our Vet, and our family that we wanted to breed Kona.  (Luckily, we had purchased Kona with breeding rights for $8,000 dollars in 2006 so we had full legal right to breed her.)   So, around 2010 we bred her to Rocky from Darby Park Doodles and the rest is history...


No, really it's lots of learning experiences, late nights, early mornings, TONS of puppy food, treats, vitamins, pet visits, and darling tiny puppies.  Even though we only breed a few litters a year (we've grown so we have a medium amount now) we act like were big time breeders...lol.  No really, we are constantly reading and learning more about Australian Labradoodle and dogs in general.  We ask lots of questions, take notes, study, and work with experienced breeders.  Now, that last line I wrote many years ago and I can say with confidence we are now an experienced breeder.  In addition, we read daily about everything dogs and we have taken online course for puppy socialization, dog breeding, and obedience training; however, over a decade with this breed we really have learned from experience.  Our long term goals are to learn more about holistic dog care, search and rescue training for dogs, diabetic service dog training, the therapy side of dog training and becoming healthy dog food chefs.      

Our first Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle 

Our first bath 

Okay, Enough About Us...Introducing...Our Doodles and Our Rescues...

We have all of them, our doodles, in our home permanently as part of our family, in our parent's home, in our close family member's homes or in our guardian's homes. Our Moms & Dads (Dam's & Sire's), are Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle (Lab, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, English Spaniel and American Spaniel) weighing 20-28 pounds.  We only breed MultiGenerational Australian Labradoodles.  In addition, we do rescue all doodle mixes and sometimes any dog that needs some help.  We've rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed many dogs successfully.  Plus, we have re-homed a handful of our own doodles for numerous reasons.  


What about the Puppies?

Your puppy will have their first round of shots, microchipped with the life-time membership paid by us, dewormed & parasite-free (if you have a positive poop test we will reimburse the medication and one of the poop tests), a Fur-Code collar tag for easy identification if your doodle is lost, and come with a genetic health guarantee spanning from two years to eight years dependent on certain qualifications being met. Some puppies we de-sex, provide basic puppy manners training, and we can hold your puppy longer for special situations for a nominal fee.  Your puppy will be low to non-shedding and low to no dander.  We crate train your puppy, socialize them with children including neighborhood children and visiting children plus many family and friends, we groom them on a regular basis, brush their teeth and clip their nails.  Your puppy will be handled and nurtured from day one.  We have full time staff that adheres to a strict schedule of human interaction and contact.  From an early age we tug on their ears and tails, take their food away, put our fingers in their mouthes, and touch their paws to help prepare them for the "real" world.  We do daily activities to help them learn to adjust to fearful situations too.  Puppies are exposed to numerous sounds from birth including sirens, laughter, car engine sounds and honking,, numerous kitchen and laundry room appliances, crying-screaming babies, vacuum, blow dryers, electric garage door, knocking and doorbells, large group chatter and loud startling sounds.  We work closely with our Vet to ensure healthy, well adjusted, amazing pets.  Many of our past puppies have gone to families with very bad allergies*.  


We make every attempt to place each puppy with the best family for their individual personalities.  Please note, we may make a list of interested families on each puppy in the order they've contacted us.  Plus, we allow each family to visit and pick their puppy.  We do give our advice and evaluation on each puppy based on traits we've encountered this way you know you are getting the puppy you like best, not the puppy someone is telling you will match your family based on some form you filled out.  Don't worry we do hold puppies but a non-refundable deposit isn't required.  So, here is the story on non-refundable deposits.  We don't need them.  We use the honor system and our gut feeling.  Call us old fashioned.  We simply don't believe in forcing a family on a puppy with non-refundable money.  We don't use negative reinforcement on our dogs and we won't use it on people either!  We would never want your family to love our puppies, pay hundreds to reserve it, and then find another dog you love.  We want you with a dog you love.  So what, if it takes us longer to find another home.  That extra work is worth it to us knowing our puppies end up with a family that really wants them.  Furthermore, we have learned many things over the years about placement of a doodle.  We will give our advice on picking the best puppy for your family.  Each puppy has it's own feelings, fears, likes and dislikes, and the list goes on, so yes, there may be one puppy that is better for your home and family than another.   


We let you know the day the puppy is ready, if we don't hear from you and you don't show up we won't keep your money and punish you.  We will keep in touch with you, discuss the pick-up date and time, and you can call and cancel if you find another puppy.  No stress using paypal, no race to make a deposit, and worries if you change your mind.  The positive side is you never know if a puppy can suddenly become available.  We will keep a list of families in the order they've contacted us.  If number one changes their mind we will call number two, and so on.  We think this is simple and positive all the way around.  Please know, we aren't bashing the deposit system.  We are not a large breeder, we have very few puppies a year, and every litter so far we have more wonderful families than puppies.  Deposits for us are just silly.  Now, we do accept payment for a puppy you know you want, you want us to hold while you go on vacation before you pick it up or you want to ensure your puppy is all yours.  Just know they aren't required but they are allowed for those wanting that guaranteed security or a later pick-up date.  We've had families pay in full the day their specific puppy was born, they visited regularly, named their puppy at 3 weeks, and we delivered at exactly 8 weeks.  I found this family very happy with how they adopted their puppy.  The bottom-line, we like to be flexible for your family's ideal adoption because we want you leaving with your puppy feeling like it was the best experience for your lifestyle.   


Now because our puppies come first we reserve the right to refuse a puppy to anyone if we think they won't be the best family for that puppy.  Are you wondering if we've done this before?  The answer is yes.  We've done it a handful of times.    

Are You Looking For a Service Dog?

We have worked with www.nidad.com for diabetic service dogs and we will work with any trainer to help you find the perfect service or therapy dog.  In special circumstances we offer discounts for service dogs.  Please contact us for more information about our discounts for service dogs.

Jack Caught Sneaking A Chocolate Donut from Sugar Pine Doodles. This video of Jack at 4 years old was a time that Jack would sneak goodies and deny eating them despite the evidence all over his face. I finally had to catch him on video and I'm so glad now that I did.