Why Pet Protector

The Pet Protector Disc is the only product in the world which repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for an entire 4-year period! It does not use chemicals of any kind and it is not a herbal remedy. The Pet Protector Disc uses our very own revolutionary technology (the combination of specific frequencies produced by Magnetic and Scalar waves) to form an invisible field around the animal’s body, successfully repelling external parasites. It is an absolute necessity for every cat and dog because it eliminates the need to use toxic insecticides, contained in over-the-counter flea & tick products. This is why we find the Pet Protector Disc to be a true life-saver.


What is Pet Protector?


The Pet Protector Disc is a one-of-a-kind product available on the market, committed to the prevention, protection and defense of pets against external parasites – ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. 

Pet Protector represents the greatest scientific discovery in the Pet Industry and is very unique, because: 

  • The way it works 
  • It's 100% safe for animals and people (non-chemical) 
  • Its effects are long-term (4 years) 
  • It’s very easy to use 
  • It's effective on different types of animals (dogs, cats, horses, sheep, etc.) regardless of any medical conditions they may have (convalescent, pregnant, nursing, etc.) 

How does Pet Protector work?

To properly understand how Pet Protector works and what it means for you and your pet, let’s take a brief look at the other solutions that are widely available on the market. 


Today’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries sell various products which help pets and their owners in the battle against ticks and fleas – liquids and powders, spot-on treatments and collars. 

How efficient these products are varies greatly but the one thing they have in common is that all of these products eliminate parasites in the same way – with the help of different chemical substances – toxic insecticides. As a result, an absurd situation arises, one with tragic consequences: by solving one issue, we create another, much greater problem. Poisonous and cancerous materials (such as pyrethroids), found in these products, have systematically toxic effects on the animal’s entire body, especially on the blood cells, liver and nervous system. They are not only harmful to the health of the animal, but they are also harmful to people, children especially who often cuddle their pets, touching fur which is covered in these insecticides and then, without washing their hands, they touch their own eyes and mouth. 


The main problem is that pets are unable to speak up when they don’t feel well. We can only imagine the kind of terror and pain these poor animals must go through when they are repeatedly exposed to these insecticides, which penetrate through their skin, entering their bloodstream. Pet owners are unable to see that their animal is suffering in the very beginning, however, by the time the problem becomes obvious, it is usually too late. 


The Pet Protector Disc is not a chemical product 

Its Effectiveness At Repelling Ticks, Fleas And Mosquitoes Is Based On Something Entirely Different. This Is What Makes It So Unique.

  • The Pet Protector Disc is made of high quality steel alloys.
  • It is charged with a specific combination of Magnetic and Scalar waves, which after being triggered by the animal’s movement (blood circulation), produce an invisible energy field around the entire animal’s body.
  • Pet Protector’s Scalar waves are totally harmless to people and animals (they go absolutely undetected by humans and animals alike) and they are only effective against external parasites, repelling them from the shielded area. 
  • The Pet Protector Disc acts preventatively; it drives fleas, ticks and mosquitoes away before they get the chance to infest your pet, versus all other anti-parasite products, which kill external parasites after they have already infested your pet.

Pet Protector’s technology represents the greatest scientific discovery in the Pet Care Industry.

By using Pet Protector to repel ticks and fleas from your pet, you receive twice as much – the Pet Protector Disc is 96.97% effective and 100% safe for your pets, your family and your environment. (there is no product available on the market which guarantees a 100% success rate at getting rid of external parasites; even harsh chemicals show a maximum efficiency rate of 95%).

How is the Pet Protector Disc used and how long does it last?


The Pet Protector Disc is silver in color, its radius is 2.5 cm and it is attached to the pet’s collar. Its shelf-life is unlimited; if removed from its original packaging, the Pet Protector Disc will not use up its energy. Only once it is attached to a pet’s collar, will its technology start to work, protecting your pet for an entire 4-year period. 

This non-invasive, natural defense system requires more time to begin functioning than chemical anti-parasite products. 

After attaching the disc, 7 to 20 days are needed for the protective field to form, depending on the size and weight of the animal. 

Once attached, the disc should not be removed from the collar, even during bathing or visits to the vet since every time the disc is detached for more than two hours, another 7 to 20 days reactivation of the protective field is required. 

It is important to understand that Scalar waves do not kill existing ticks and fleas located on the animal, but rather act as a preventative. 

For this reason, prior to attaching the Pet Protector Disc to your pet’s collar, it is important to completely de-flea and de-tick your pet, including removing any invisible larvae, (additionally, floors and furniture should be thoroughly treated as well). After you have completed this preparation process, attach the Pet Protector Disc to your pet’s collar and keep your pet away from any highly infected areas for the first 20 days of use. 

If this step is not taken, any existing parasites located on the animal may adapt to the frequency of the Scalar waves during the time it takes for the protective shield to become active and they may not be repelled by it. 

If this should occur, leave the Pet Protector Disc attached to your pet’s collar and complete the de-fleaing, de-ticking process. If the environment your pet lives in is a highly infested area, it is suggested that two discs are attached to the collar. 

Who is this product for?

Pet Protector’s Scalar waves do not have a negative effect on the health of your dog or cat; furthermore, this product can even be used freely on sheep or horses and other living beings. Therefore, there is no limit regarding the age of the animal, its size or any special circumstances, i.e. medical conditions. 

Pet Protector may be used on: 

  • Newborns, 
  • Any breed (size is not a factor, but if your pet weights more than 88 lbs (40 kg), it will require 2 Pet Protector Discs. Horses should wear 4 Pet Protector Discs in order to be fully protected), 
  • Any animal, regardless of its state of health; ill or recovering from an illness, 
  •  Pregnant or nursing animals. 

Pet Protector contains no harmful, poisonous substances and does not require hands be washed after coming into contact with the disc and it does not require that one avoid physical contact with an animal wearing a disc. Not only is the Pet Protector Disc absolutely harmless, it has a positive effect on an animal’s health. Studies have shown that the Pet Protector Disc improves circulation, raises energy levels and boosts the immune system. 

Therefore, this defense system against ticks, fleas and other external parasites, based on Scalar Wave Technology has proved to be: 

  • The safest, because it is totally, 100% natural and chemical-free; 
  • The most effective, because it has a 96.97% guaranteed success rate; 
  • Longest lasting, offering 4 long years of protection from ticks and fleas; 
  • Most economic, because by using Pet Protector you will save up to 20 times the amount spent on other products in a 4-year period. 

Instructions for preparing your pet befor applying the Pet Protector disc 


Please read through the following steps to ensure that you are using your Pet Protector Disc properly. Improper preparation of your pet and its environment can result in failure of the Pet Protector Disc to work effectively.

There are several reasons why it’s very important to treat your pet and their environment in order to eliminate all existing fleas, ticks and their larvae before attaching the Pet protector Disc. 

  1. The Pet Protector Disc does not have the ability to eliminate existing parasites or their larvae 
  2. The Pet Protector Disc can only repel new parasites from inhabiting your pet 
  3. The Pet Protector Disc needs 7 to 20 days (depending on the pet’s size) to create a strong enough Scalar Wave field around your pet's whole body, protecting it from fleas and ticks successfully. During this period, while the field has not yet been fully created, there is the possibility of pests inhabiting the pet, and since the Pet Protector Disc cannot eliminate existing pests, they will continue to breed. That is why it is necessary to treat your pet and its environment with an anti-parasite product which can eliminate pests and their larvae before applying the Pet Protector Disc and also to keep your pet away from environments which may harbor pests, as much as is possible, during the 7 to 20-day activation period. 

What Product to Use to Eliminate Pests on My Pet?

If you have already used an anti-parasite product to rid your pets from fleas and ticks with success in the past, and if this product has extended effectiveness for a minimum of 1 month, then use this product one last time prior to attaching the Pet Protector Disc. We also recommend bathing your pet with a natural flea shampoo product in the first month of using the Pet Protector Disc. 

In order to maximize protection, we recommend you use natural anti-parasite products periodically , without removing the Pet Protector Disc. 

If you have never used a chemical anti-parasite product on your pet, we recommend you use an effective natural product for pest elimination, one that comes highly recommended (you can search Google for a natural flea and tick product). After using this product, attach the Pet Protector Disc immediately onto your pet’s collar and continue treating your pet with this natural product during the entire first month (following the instruction label). In order to maximize protection, we recommend you use a natural anti-parasite product periodically, without removing the Pet Protector Disc. 

Note: Consult your veterinarian regarding the pest elimination product you are about to use.

What Product to Use For Cleaning the Environment?

We recommend you search the internet to find natural products used to eliminate ticks and fleas in your home and yard, one that comes highly recommended. 

Steps for Preparing Your Pet and their Environment and Applying the Pet Protector Disc 

1. Vacuum and wipe your home thoroughly 

2. Treat the indoor and outdoor areas of your home with a natural pest eliminating product 

3. Use a product of your choice to treat your pet in order to eliminate any existing ticks, fleas and their invisible larvae 

4. Attach the Pet Protector Disc 

5. Use a natural tick and flea product on your pet during the next 20 to 30 days (following the instructions on the label). This is important to do, because your pet is unprotected while the Scalar Waves are in the process of creating their protective field around your pet 

6. Treat the indoor and outdoor areas of your home with an appropriate natural flea and tick product during the next 20 to 30 days 

7. Use a natural anti-parasite products periodically, without removing the Pet Protector Disc 

8. Ensure that the Disc remains securely fastened to your pet’s collar at all times. Removing the disc for longer than 2 hours will cause elimination of the protective field and it will be necessary to repeat all the steps above in order to fully protect your pet again. 

9. Make sure to replace the Pet Protector Disc before the 4-year period is up, by attaching a new disc, wait for 7 to 20 days in order to let the new Pet Protector Disc create the protective field and then discard the old one. 

We wish you many great moments with your family and your pet – free from harmful chemicals and fully protected from pests for the rest of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Pet Protector® cost?

The Pet Protector Disc® is an affordable and cost-effective product. One Pet Protector Disc® protects your pet for 4 years, saving you money each month! Pet Protector® costs 20 times less than the amount you’d spend on other flea & tick products over a 4-year period! Additionally, we offer special discounts too!

Is it safe for puppies and kittens?

The Pet Protector Disc® is the world's only long-term effective and at the same time 100% safe product for newborn pets. Chemical anti-parasite products are dangerous not only for pets, but for the whole family as well, especially children. The Pet Protector Disc® does not contain any chemicals or any herbal ingredients and is completely safe for the whole family.

Does it really work?

The Pet Protector Disc® is scientifically tested and proven. It is protecting pets in 197 countries worldwide with thousands of pet professionals and veterinarians using and recommending the Pet Protector Disc® to their patients.

Can The Pet Protector Disc® be used on other animals ?

The Pet Protector Disc® has been tested and proven to be effective on dogs, cats, horses and sheep. The efficiency rate of the Pet Protector Disc® is 96.67%, which is higher than the efficiency rates of any other anti-parasite product available.

Is Pet Protector® available in my country?

Yes, the Pet Protector Disc® is available worldwide. It can be ordered online, from any country in the world. Pet Protector will deliver to your home address within 72 hours (3 business days)!


"My name is Paul Senn and I live in Marbella, Southern Spain. I have the pleasure of owning an Old English Sheepdog. My dog, Junior is a fine example of an Old English Sheepdog and he is 12 next birthday. Junior has been wearing the Pet Protector disc now for 15 months and has had no infestation of fleas or ticks. We live in the countryside and mountains where there are other animals that carry Fleas and Ticks but we have had no problems thanks to Pet Protector."
Paul Senn, Spain

"I love pets, especially dogs, and have had pets as long as I can remember. I have a Yorkie named Lucky. He had a tumor and had urination problems. I am totally convinced it was caused from the Frontline anti-parasite products we used on him. After we bathed him with these products, for the next couple days, he had no energy and was very lethargic. He required surgery and is now doing absolutely phenomenal after I put the Pet Protector disc on him. No ticks, no fleas and no chemicals ever again. He is still a big part of my life and my wonderful companion thanks to Pet Protector. The disc is so easy to use, just attach it to the collar, and your pet is completely safe from ticks and fleas for life. What could be easier? For me, the Pet Protector disc is the best anti-parasite protection on the market today. " 
Dolores Brandt, Iowa, USA

"Observation today.... sitting in the yard with 2 dogs. 
One dog without the Pet Protector disc has gnats on and all around her. The other dog my Corgi, Daisy with a Pet Protector disc on has NO gnats anywhere around her at all. I love the Pet Protector."
Anita Lowery, Pennsylvania, USA

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