First, I'd like to say that you are a pretty special person for even hanging out on a dog website.  To top it off, you are on our Rescuing Page!  No matter if you are determined to rescue a dog or just curious, can I please smack a big kiss on you for even thinking about it....muuuaaahhhhhhhh xoxox. 

So, you may be wondering what an Australian Labradoodle breeder is doing rescuing dogs.  I'd like to answer that question for you.  Now, in case you didn't know we love dogs.  We really love a lot of stuff  we love our family, we love the mountains, we love meeting new people, we love art, we love photography, we love the truth and we love life.  Speaking of the it or not, animals can be placed in the wrong home for them, people get divorced and can no longer care for their pets, people die, people adopt and regret it for numerous reasons and as a result an animal can find itself on the street, at the pound, or in a shelter.  Therefore, there is a need for people like ourselves that already have a puppy-seeking & dog-seeking site to help facilitate wonderful animals finding a home. 

If you're reading this and wondering if there is another reason then just our love of animals for rescuing.  Well, yes there is.  We are breeders.  Now, despite any bad press, breeders are part of the solution to neglected animals.  We don't have puppies for fun or accident, that we hope our family, friends, or people at our local grocery store will take off our hands.  We are the opposite of that.  We spend most of our time speaking, emailing and texting families that are looking for a pet.  We educate them, screen them for pet adoption, and support them once they do adopt.  We are being responsible for the types of dogs we are breeding by selecting healthy, gentle, intelligent parents for our puppies.  Our entire life is finding better ways to be good breeders and helping our families be good pet owners.  With all this in mind, we believe that offering rescuing services will ensure none of our puppies we've placed in the world (it's actually a small number) will ever end up in a kill shelter.  We want to be the kind of breeder that supports our families for life.  As a result, any of our families can call us and say they just can't keep their pet, for whatever reason, and we will come pick that pet up immediately.  The first thing we do is have the owner explain everything about their pet they are giving up, we then bring that dog into our home and evaluate it's condition and get a game plan and timeline for finding it's new home.  We are committed to keeping that dog for weeks or months until it's ready for adoption.  We put that dog on our dog schedule, we do additional training, we crate train in our home, we have it sleep in our room at night for it to bond with us and see that this is it's home, and we bring it around town to socialize, socialize, socialize.  Once that dog is ready to be adopted we post photos, a description, or both on our site and in advertising. 

Now, this rescuing isn't something new for us.  As a child, I brought every stray animal home and nurtured it back to health and found it a home.  I remember in college finding a stray dog with puppies behind our apartment complex with less than five dollars till the end of the week and no gas in my car.  So, I asked a friend for a ride to the grocery store and posted a sign that I found a stray dog with puppies on the community board with my phone number.  Next, I stood in the pet food isle and asked people if they would mind contributing a dollar so I could feed this skinny mommy so she could make milk for her puppies.  A mean guy said he would get me a garbage bag to just dump them into.  Well, I started balling.  When he said that I freaked out that someone could even think that.  I felt broken seeing this malnourished dog struggling with her puppies.  I saw a person in there, a mom.  Needless to say the man felt so bad when he saw me fall to pieces he handed me a twenty dollar bill.  As I kept crying I thanked him and got food and some milk.  (I didn't know then that milk probably wasn't the best for this mommy dog.)  When I got back to my apartment I snuck the dog in and fed it warm milk and made a home for her and her puppies. (No animals were allowed at our complex.)  Two of the puppies didn't make it and I was devastated.  A friend came over and the mommy dog barked and really got protective so I really was getting stressed out about having this dog but I just couldn't put her outside.  Luckily, a wonderful, beautiful lady called me that was a rescuer.  She understood I was just a poor college student with limited resources.  Two days later she arrived to pick up this dog.  She said she would have the dog at her ranch until it was in better health then she would find it a home.  Around a month later I received photos in the mail.  The mommy stray and her three puppies found homes.  One other thing, my apartment suddenly had flees and I had very upset roommates...thank goodness for flee bombers.  Through this experience I learned a very important lesson, I could do something about another living thing struggling.  I may have needed some financial help but all I had to do was ask.  It's a fact that working together, placing an ad, asking for a donation, and doing the best I could do was good enough and that work helped get those dogs a home. Miracles happen, they really do. 

Our rescuing program is not really fancy and I don't have a bunch of things to say about it.  It's quite simple.  We save doodle mixes from being taken to the pound, going to a shelter, or being put down.  Now I have a request, if you would like to be a temporary home for a rescue while we are seeking out a forever home please contact me by email or text 209-217-7116.  Next, we do allow families adopting a rescue to have that rescue on a trial basis for a month.  Please contact me with information about your lifestyle and the type of dog you're looking for and I can let you know if we have a rescue that we think is a match. 

Now, only recently have I decided to document our rescues.  So, for our latest rescue let me tell  you about Juno.  I'm going to document Juno's story and even have his new family discuss their experience with Juno and rescuing him. 

The Volunteering Side of Sugar Pine Doodles:  Oh by the way, I'm a photographer too.  What I do like to do is help organizations that use money to help animals.  I also teach photography for my recreation department in my county.  I love teaching!!  If you know of events that need a volunteer photographer for fundraising for animals or people in need, please contact me.  I do have a severe back injury so I can't be on my feet for long periods of time or tons of walking while carrying my equipment.  Having a stationary set-up with a comfortable chair would be best :)

sugar pine doodles