The How's & Why's of Service Dog Testing


First, Sugar Pine Doodles hasn't created these forms...we aren't that smart.  However, we are smart enough to search out the smart people and learn from them.  Please help yourself with the forms and I apologize for them being .jpg (photo format) but it was the only way I could upload them.  Now, it is our firm belief that any family can educate themselves and train their pet to be a service dog or therapy dog.  All of our puppies are therapeutic for me.  I'm high strung, always doing something, and really a work-a-holic (and I don't need to work).  With that in mind, I have found that the dogs/puppies calm me down, they help me relax and live in the moment.  I waste hours and hours a month just petting them, grooming them, and having long intellectual conversations with them.  You would be surprised how much a dog, and especially our dogs, can just put things into perspective. 


They have taught me to just roll with it and relax.  I know they are adding years onto my life. 


With that in mind, we know there are more severe cases of stress, illness, and disorders that dogs can nurture, help or distract for a human being so they can function and live a better quality life.  For that specific reason, we are providing these forms for all to use. 


If you use these forms to help you with a service dog please contact the publisher listed and thank them.   All I've done is a copy and paste and you're welcome for that....but Wendy Volhard put this form together and it's quite exceptional.  We worked with a service dog trainer to learn how to really test our pups for specific service dog work.  In all cases we default back to these forms.  We don't recommend these forms as your one and only tool but instead part of many steps to testing a dog for service dog work. 


Finally, I would like to give my words of wisdom.  A perfect pup candidate for service/therapy dog work for diabetic service dog is the dog that is high energy, a tad aggressive, and eager to please.  This dog is confident and fearless.  On the other hand, a PTSD service dog could be more mellow.  A dog you calm down and remember to take your meds could be a more mellow pup.  Well.......I would love to write more but I'm not the expert. 


Remember, you can teach a dog almost anything....if you've tried everything else, the depression meds aren't working, your PTSD is so powerful, you obsess about things, then you may find relief from a pet like an Australian Labradoodle.  We even have a puppy family that is training a Sugar Pine Doodles puppy to be a hospital service dog for the sick to help cheer them up.  She decided she would do this when she saw her husband change over night for the better, after being visited by a hospital service dog, while he was terribly sick in the hospital.  Imagine how many lives that puppy Brooklyn is going to touch!  It's down right exciting and inspirational on what is possible and how we can touch other peoples lives through our love for our dogs.


There is a reason they are called Man's best friend!  I hope this touches something in you that helps you set a goal, educate yourself, and put into motion a plan on how you can bring joy to others in need.  It isn't those big things that really make a difference.  It's spending time with someone, laughing, enjoying a trained professional therapy pet, and forgetting for just a moment how much pain your in, how scared you are if you will ever heal, and if you will ever get out of the hospital alive.  The pet may just give someone the will to live another day so they can get a pet of their own.