SHIPPING:  Currently, we are hand delivering our puppies all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and around the World.  We can deliver to a local airport near you.  We do not put puppies in cargo and we are currently doing all deliveries ourselves.  When we bring a puppy we have a system that the puppy typically sleeps the entire flight and arrives well adjusted and happy for their family.  Frequently asked questions:  Yes, breeders ship all the time and it's all wonderful...yay, for them.  Yes, it's more expensive the way we do... #sorrynotsorry.  Yes, we know United has PetSafe® and it's all perfect.  No, we don't have a set amount of what shipping costs.  We typically charge $625 to deliver a puppy but it can go way up from there based on time of year, location, weather, etc.  We also require full payment plus shipping two weeks prior to our departure.  We do prefer to stay the night or two in the city we are delivering to so we can support our family just incase there are any issues.  Sometimes this isn't possible due to our schedule but we are then only a phone call away.