Welcome to our new application page.  We've created this page because so many of our families have requested a way to fill out an application that can be date and time stamped to ensure their position on our adoption list.  Now, even though we have this page we still want to speak with each family or meet them prior to agreeing to adoption.  We do not simply accept an application and deposit then a family receives a puppy.  We want to meet you on the phone or in person.  This is why we encourage you and your family to come visit us when possible.  Please know your information is kept private and it is deleted after twelve months if we don't hear from you again.  In fact, we do not share your information with anyone, we do not send out any marketing or spam, we only email the families that request to be emailed, we do not call you unless you specifically ask us to, nor do we mail out anything unless you specifically request it.  We are too busy to even think about creating junk mail or junk email.  

Once we receive your application, speak with you, approve your family for a Sugar Pine Doodles then we provide the password to our payment page and contract page.  

If you simply want us to contact you and you're not ready to fill out the entire application please just fill out the spots with the stars* and a message will still be sent.  

*Sugar Pine Doodles reserves the right to hold back, switch or exchange any puppy for any reason.