Our Family's Reviews & Advice

If you were even kind of wondering what our families think of us we are now sharing with this new page.  Now, we strive to be perfect but there's always room for improvement.  We appreciate all constructive criticism but we live for all the love and compliments.  In all reality, I could make a list of the areas we need to improve on... Just know, we are a work in progress and we really want all our families to have the best experience and adopt the best pet.


Kyleigh D

My experience with Sugar Pine Doodles was perfect. Purchasing a dog is a huge deal and I was so nervous. Did tons of research... Narrowed down my top breeders in the nation. SPD became my #1 for these reasons: Customer service was EXCEPTIONAL. Dale responded to my (many) text messages in a thoughtful and non-generic way. He gave insightful advice and was very transparent. That was BOTH before and after my optional deposit (which eventually went toward my Harper pup). I asked for dozens of pictures quite often and even asked him to resend and retake. Dale always accommodated those requests. It made me feel comfortable knowing a receptive and compassionate person was raising my future pup and caring for her mother. When I went to see our pup on pick-up day (first time meeting in person outside of FaceTime), service was again, exceptional. We weren't rushed and had all the time we needed to take care of her. Dale even trimmed her nails right before we left. After we brought her home, he was still receptive to my texts and always offered advice and support. Our puppy is 9 weeks old and HEALTHY, HAPPY, and WELL MANNERED. She learned to sit, shake, lay down, and roll over in 2 days. She is confident and poised. Hyper and knows when to relax as well. She is almost crate trained and loves baths. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and having cancelled my spot on a waitlist for another breeder in order to get a pup from SPD, I couldn't be more happy with my decision. We are planning a second puppy in the next year or two. Here is a photo of our sweet sweet love.

Screenshot 2017-06-23 14.40.08.png

Michelle M

I did so much research i went bananas when it came to finding a breeder. I'm so happy my sleuthing skills found Jeannine and Dale. They are amazing, caring and love their dogs & pups. We are over the moon with our Quinn. She is a beauty and such a wonderful puppy. We can't wait to watch her grow. Jeannine knows her stuff and will blow your asteroids off with her knowledge and care for what she does. I actually had a deposit down for another dog (lost it and don't care). When I came across Sugar Pine Doodles. I read reviews, meticulously read the website and every social sites I was in like flynn. The best decision hands down. We are so excited to be part of the SP family and lifelong friends. If you are looking for a breeder that cares so much about what she is doing and pups that will knock your socks off. Look no further and I mean it.

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Marita F V

We love Sugar Pine Doodles. We are so glad we took our time to research to find the perfect breeder and dog for our daughter. It was worth the 6 hours drive round trip to adopt our beautiful puppy, Mila Rose! She is so smart, loving and playful. She's been a great addition to our family. Thank you Jeannine and Dale! You guys are amazing and very caring people.


Naila G T

We just received our puppy from Sugar Pine doodles, Australian Labradoodle Astro, and couldn't be happier. Astro is the sweetest, most adorable and surprisingly quiet puppy we could ever find. Because he is crate trained, our house training is going extremely well. The breeders are also very knowledgeable and helpful. 
Thank you Sugar Pine doodles!


Amy S M

Dale and Jeannine are the best mini labradoodle breeders. They honestly care about their puppies and take care to place them in homes where they will be safe and happy. They stand behind the quality and health of their dogs 100%! When I adopted my precious dog, Hazel, from them, they allowed me to stay at their home for as long as it took for me to feel comfortable with my choice. I drove 7 hours each way to adopt from Dale and Jeannine because, just from our phone conversations, I could tell they were genuine and honest. Even after I brought Hazel home, Dale and Jeannine have continued to be supportive. They are always available to answer questions or admire photos of Hazel :) I couldn't be happier with my dog, she is family. She is incredibly smart and affectionate, she has the best personality. Hazel came to me crate trained and she was using the doggie door within one day to do her business outside. She has never had an accident in the house! If I ever add another pet to our family, I will definitely be going back to Dale and Jeannine.


Rebecca B

Most passionate, thoughtful and caring breeder ever. Jeannine and Dale care for their dogs with enduring love and commitment. They put in incredible effort and love and it shows. Their dogs are beautiful, well-adjusted and optimally cared for. Sugar Pine Doodles it the greatest business because it is run by the most wonderful humans.


Thomas R

We've had Murphy for 4 years, he's been an amazingly well rounded dog. Smart, fun, active (not hyper active), sweet and social with people and other dogs. Gets lots of compliments from personality and unique looks.