My first blog post on our new site....

Have you ever dreamed big to find out the dream was bigger than you ever imagined?  What started out as a way to bring life into our grieving home our doodles helped each of us in a different way.  Today, I get to see my children with their babies.  I can already see they are going to be good parents because they are amazing doodle parents.  

I say good night to you my computer and my new website.  It's been months of planning, learning, and finally I'm building my vision.  It's exciting to finally have a handful of pages close to being completed.  Now, who am I kidding, I will add on and change those pages to eternity and beyond but at least there is something that resembles a website starting to take form.  

Now, I'm hoping that it and they will come...has some truth to it.  My other site has tons of traffic and many seem to like it so I hope they love this new site too. 

Let me know what you think and be nice.  I'm allowing comments so I'm expecting nice, behaved comments and kindness.  

Big hugs, 

Sugar Pine Doodles