Puppy Supplies



Life’s Abundance Dog/Puppy Food.  (Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack SM Dogs: 8 lb ) Order at www.lifesabundance.com/sugarpinedoodles or Call 1-877-387-4564 and provide ID number#20104864 to order over the phone.


 Feeding Bowls- (Full Service Puppy Pack) Stainless steel, separate dishes that have a wider bottom than top so it can not be tipped or over turned, avoid double dishes.  


 Collar- (Full Service Puppy Pack) Leather adjustable collar.  Puppy training classes require a collar with a buckle, not plastic clasps.


Leash- (Full Service Puppy Pack) It is not necessary to leash train before 10-12 weeks old. Training classes will require a 6 foot leash rather than the 4-foot. Leather is durable and easy on the hands when training.


Crate- (Full Service Puppy Pack) Either a wire or plastic crate. A wire crate is great because the puppy can see what’s going on around him, you will probably want to cover it with a blanket at night to avoid drafts and encourage sleeping. Most wire crates come with a divider to make it smaller for easier potty training. A plastic crate works great too and is easy to wash down. You can purchase a crate that is a suitable size for your puppy once he is full grown. While potty training your pup in the full size crate it will be beneficial to block part of the crate off.


Exercise Pen- (Optional Add-On item to the Full Service Puppy Pack) This can be used both for training and/or playtime. Buy one that is no taller than 24-30”. This pen should be used when you are unable to pay attention to the pup. This will provide a safe place for your pup to sleep and play when you are not available to keep a close eye on him. This can also be an alternative if your pup will not tolerate a crate. It is also highly recommended to be used outdoors in the yard. The back yard can be such large and overwhelming place for the pup to get lost in and it will also help protect him from chewing on poisonous plants and flowers. It folds up flat for easy storage and travel.


Bedding- (Full Service Puppy Pack) Washable bedding is best for the crate (be prepared for potty accidents). Also a separate bed that can be used around the house. It will be great for training your puppy to lay on it so he won’t be under your feet all the time. Washable and chew proof! Foam beds covered in thin materials are often a disasters.


Carpet Cleaner- (Add on to Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack SM Dogs: 8 lb )It’s inevitable to have potty accidents in the house. Be prepared with a product that will take care of the stains and eliminate odors that can cause the pup to return to the same spot. We recommend Life’s Abundance Enzyme floor cleaner that must be ordered separately from the Puppy Pack.  Nature’s Miracle or Simple Solution stain and odor remover are other choices available.


Bitter Apple- (Full Service Puppy Pack) This product will help train your pup on what NOT to chew on. It is safe for plants, carpeting, furniture, shoes. We provide your first bottle.  Have this one on hand before something you love gets chewed on.  To train with Bitter Apple, spray on a wash cloth, roll up, put in puppy’s mouth and hold the mouth shut on the wash cloth.  For 1 to 2 minutes repeat YUCK over and over continuously three times a day for 2 to 3 days.  This will train your pet to understand YUCK is bad.  If you dog picks up a disgusting item just say YUCK and the dog will drop the item.  


Chew Toys-  (Full Service Puppy Pack. Greenies We provide first box and Life’s Abundance Treats come in the (Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack SM Dogs: 8 lb ) A good variety of chew toys will help keep your pup occupied and not bored. Bully Stix, Greenie’s, and stuffed Kongs (Kong Extreme’s are most durable) are great. Avoid rawhide, it is not completely digestible and colored rawhide can stain your carpet.  Avoid, Nylabone products that are made from massive amounts of cornstarch.


Play toys- (Full Service Puppy Pack) Ropes and stuffed toys with squeakers, like Kong squeakers, are favored.


Treats- (Full Service Puppy Pack & (Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack SM Dogs: 8 lb )) Treats should be very limited until about 4 months old or until training begins. Training can be more effective if your puppy is not used to always getting them and they can cause diarrhea in the more sensitive puppy tummy. Trainers highly recommend Life’s Abundance Training Treats & Chews for training. Other great treats are Old Mother Hubbard products and Dried Liver treats. Avoid junkfood for dogs, for example, Snausages, Puproni,, anything made in China, and other unnatural products.  We will not provide an 8 year health guarantee for pets fed non-Lifes Abundance food and training treats.  Please avoid junk food dog treats. 


Vehicle Restraint- (Full Service Puppy Pack-Add on optional item) Durable seatbelt materialleash that can be buckled into a vehicle’s seatbelt to a dogs leash or a full dog harness that securely restrains your dog allowing minimal movement.  A semi-secured to fully secured pet is safer for everyone in your vehicle.  If you do a lot of traveling with your pet we recommend this item.  Please just be aware of when your pet is in full sun and they can’t move to the shade while you’re driving and NEVER leave your pet buckled in while you leave your car unattended, even if your windows are cracked and it’s cool outside.  More than likely, your pet will chew their way out of a restraint if left alone.  They will chew your nice seats, any seatbelt in reach, or anything they think will set them free.   


For Grooming-


**Shampoo- (Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack SM Dogs: 8 lb )  Choose a Life’s Abundance Dog Shampoo or tearless puppy shampoo. Mane and Tail works great, too. Only wash your puppy about once a month. Over bathing can cause skin problems or irritation.


Cowboy Magic- This grooming product is great for maintaining a good coat and to help eliminate matts. (This product is not needed for our doodles with a fleece coat.) 



**Brushes- (Full Service Puppy Pack)  A slicker brush and a comb.  


**Ear Cleaner- (Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack SM Dogs: 8 lb ) Clean the ears once a week. Buy a cleaning solution and if needed a drying powder. 


**Nail Clippers and Kwik Stop – (Full Service Puppy Pack) Trim the nails once a week. Keep Kwik Stop on hand in case you cut the nail back too far. Bleeding will be difficult to stop without it.  


Blunt Trimming Scissors- For trimming between eyes, feet, etc.  You will need to do some extra brushing during the time your puppy’s coat transitions into an adult coat. This will remove the dead puppy coat so the adult coat will not matt into it. This transition usually occurs before one year of age and can take several months before the adult coat is fully in.  We have noticed this happens around 11 months old with our puppies. 


De-Matting Comb- For brushing through mats in your doodles coat.  


Don't forget the puppy stroller! hahahah


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about caring for your pup. Our support is always available to you.