Fall & Winter 2019 Litters

We have puppies available now.  To inquire about our puppies and our 2019 Litters please fill out our online application, then text Jeannine 209-217-7116 & Dale 209-256-7095 in the same message. These steps ensure you get our help and answers quickly.

  1. Winter 2019 Litters: We have two male Fall Puppies ready for adoption now. We are now accepting reservations for Winter 2019 and Spring 2020.

  2. Size & Color: 2019-2020 litters will be chocolates, apricots, blacks, merles, phantoms, partis and ranging in size of 18 to 30 pounds. For the more creative colors we recommend filling out our application, making a deposit and being on our reservation list.

To follow our puppies daily or weekly please follow @sugarpinedoodles, @sugarpinedoodlespuppies and @spdoodle_dad on Instagram and Sugar Pine Doodles on Facebook.  We are a family and we all post different photos and updates; hence, the multiple accounts.

Thank you so much :)

Our current available puppies

Dropbox Photo Links: coming soon

We have two older puppies and newborn puppies born the first weeks of October 2019 that will be ready December 2019


All our current puppies born throughout the year can be found here.  We breed health tested, Australian Labradoodles ranging in size from ten to thirty-five pounds.  With a beautiful mix of chocolates, chocolate merles, chocolate phantoms, shiny blacks, chocolate parti's, tri-colors, apricots and reds. We have a phenomenal mix of creative, beautiful colors with allergy friendly coats.  Our current puppies are ready for their new homes at around eight to sixteen weeks.  We occasionally hold back some puppies to offer older puppies up to six months, we offer basic puppy training from 8 weeks and we allow for extended stay for families that can’t pick-up or accept their puppy at 8 weeks.    


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 Our older doodles are a mixture of coats, colors, personalities and energy levels.  On any given day, at Sugar Pine Doodles, you will see our doodles playing, napping, helping us with daily chores, sitting in the kitchen helping us cook dinner, getting a bath, running through the pine trees, lounging on the grass, playing in our doodle park, learning new things, being trained and welcoming new families.  


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We really have the most wonderful, loving families and the reason we know is because we consider them our friends.  With our private Facebook group we get to see our doodles living and thriving with their new families.  Overtime, relationships form and we are better able to support our doodles as they grow.  Staying in regular communication we are able to learn about our lines by seeing them evolve.  Once a family commits to one of our doodles and makes a deposit they get their prized invitation into the group where they can start forming new friendships, read all our families posts with questions,  and scheduling playdates.  


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First, I'd like to say that you are a pretty special person for even hanging out on a dog website.  To top it off, you are on our Rescuing Page!  No matter if you are determined to rescue a dog or just curious, can I please smack a big kiss on you for even thinking about it....muuuaaahhhhhhhh xoxox. 

So, you may be wondering what an Australian Labradoodle breeder is doing rescuing dogs.  I'd like to answer that question for you.  Now, in case you didn't know we love dogs.  We really love a lot of stuff  we love our family, we love the mountains, we love...


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We know that selecting a doodle can feel a tad bit overwhelming.  How do you find the best puppy for your family?  Should you groom yourself or hire someone?  You may want to groom but you don't know how!  Who's the best trainer in your area?  What vet agrees with your philosophy about pet health? This section is an ongoing collection of things I think you may like if you are doodle obsessed like me.


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Who is Sugar Pine Doodles?  Who takes all these photos?  Well, I can answer that really quick, it's me!  I love photography and I love spending that time with my doodles.   Honestly, I have so much to say about why we started breeding, why we continued, and looking forward to our goals for the future.  Most importantly, we do encourage visits to our home to help you learn even more about our doodles and us.  


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One of the most exciting things about our new site is this area right here...our doodle blog.  I have so many ideas and thoughts that I can't wait to write about and share.  Yes, I can ramble and this is my new exciting doodle-rambling-spot.

Puppy Updates

For my fellow puppy lovers that just want to see some puppy stories and get lost in everything puppies this is your spot.  It's currently under construction but will be ready soon.




We'd love for you and your family to come visit.  Click on our available puppy page to see more photos.


Sugar Pine Doodle's Videos!!

Watch our secrets to getting a puppy Pooped out

Our latest upload to our Youtube channel.  While in Santa Barbara with Alladin we tried our hardest to get him to sleep.  Finally, after over an hour of play see what we accomplished.  


Our puppy and older Doodle at Pismo beach

Kona and Aladdin at the Beach in Pismo California. They really enjoyed playing with the rocks. Aladdin is a miniature, tri-color, chocolate parti, multi-gen Australian Labradoodle. Aladdin is a puppy that has already been adopted but we have been hired by our adopting family to train and provide socialization for Aladdin.


Tucker getting the ball 

Tucker getting his ball between some furniture. What a good sport this little guy is. Thank you Josh and Jessica for sharing this video with us and allowing us to share it on youtube. Tucker is an apricot parti with a wavy fleece coat, miniature, multi-gen Australian Labradoodle that lives in Texas and he is 1 years old in this video.

© Jeannine Cecchini Photography All Rights Reserved 2006-2019.  If you would like copies of any of the images found on this site please contact us.  All Sugar Pine Doodle's images are available in digital and print form for personal and commercial use.  Please contact spdoodles@me.com for pricing. Sugar Pine Doodles reserves the right to hold back, switch or exchange any puppy for any reason.