Sugar Pine Doodles

1 Day Prior To Visit

Please text to 209-217-7116 & 209-256-7095 in the same message to confirm you will be coming the next day and an approximate time.  We will message you back.  If you don’t hear form us please follow up with another text message to ensure we will be home and ready for you and your family.  Due to poor cell coverage in the mountains it can take awhile for messages to reach our phones.  In most cases we do get them immediately just don't feel bad sending more than one message.  

Day Of Visit

2 to 3 hours before your visit:  Please text in the same message when you are leaving your home or between two and three hours before your arrival.  This let’s us know you are still coming.  Things can happen day to day so we like to have this “day of” message and we know if we have last minute errands we always have plenty of time to make it home for you.   

30 minutes prior to arrival:   Please text those numbers again to let us know you are 30 minutes away.  This is typically when you reach Jackson, CA.  Even though we heard from you a couple of hours before you may need to stop for food or gas and we love having this last message to double check the gates are open, parking space is available and our doodle are secured.

What To Wear And Consider Before Visiting A Breeder

You are visiting a dog breeder with dogs.  There will be jumping excited doodles ready to put their happy paws on your nice white pants so please wear rugged, durable, comfortable clothing that you wont mind pee, poop, or dirt stains on. Please wear clean clothing that hasn’t been around sick or injured animals prior to your visit. Please wear comfortable closed toe shoes, athletic shoes are best.  Essentially, we live in the forest with rocks, tree limbs, and random things from our remodel.  It’s imperative that your family dresses for safety and pays attention to where they walk.  It's essential you and your family do not climb over the rocks to get into our grass area, they use the steps to come into our grass area and they stay away from any tools or machinery.  

Can I Take Pictures Or Bring My Camera?

Yes, of course you can bring your camera or cell phone.  We do not have cell reception here but you can always use our internet password or our home phone to make calls.  If you need to let a babysitter know where you are and they need a reachable number please give them my cell number above and I can provide you with our home number upon request.  Remember when you are here your phone will not work.  If you do give that number to your babysitter please let us know to ensure we answer incoming calls.  We usually don’t answer the phone when a family is visiting unless its my mother or our children.

Arriving Safely

The drive up to Pioneer is beautiful and picturesque with towering pine trees and many breathtaking views.  However, lurking behind the trees are darting deer just ready to prance into your lane on the road. Please be aware if you see one deer there is likely more to come from either side of the road.  Being alert and on guard is ninety percent of the battle.  We all have deer whistles on our vehicles.  They are under ten dollars and a great thing to have on your vehicle that can be bought online or a local auto parts store.  We want you to be safe and have a wonderfully enjoyable ride here and home.  


Small Children & Puppies


Do we allow small children to visit our puppies?  Yes, we do.  We've had many visitors come meet our puppies and even handle them.  We just ask that your children keep our puppies and possibly your future puppy safe.  

What does this mean?  It's essential that visiting children are supervised by you, they sit while holding puppies, they are gentle and they listen and understand their parents.  Plus, it's essential that all children visiting are safe.  We have ongoing projects so it's not safe for children to explore our property, run through the rock areas, play near the rock edges on the grass or climb on things.  As long as your visiting children understand it's for their protection and they listen we love having them visit too.

Puppies love to run and play.  Part of this running and playing is nipping and running off hoping they will get chased in return.  It's very normal for a puppy to do this because this is how puppies play all day with each other.  Part of puppy training as a puppy grows and develops is to train a puppy to not behave this way with children.  Please explain to your visiting children that a puppy chasing and nipping will essentially stop once they stop running.  The simple process of running can make a puppy excited and ready to follow and play.  For this reason we do not want children running around the yard and we prefer they wear long clothing covering their legs incase a puppy nips them.  Tiny puppy teeth are sharp and can hurt on bare, uncovered skin.  We can say that all children love visiting and playing with our puppies and are over the moon when it's time to take their new puppy home.  Starting good manners with puppies builds confidence and a lifelong, healthy relationship with dogs.


Sugar Pine Doodles reserves the right to hold back, switch or exchange any puppy for any reason.