We do not like to presell or push for deposits on unborn litters; however, we do like our very serious families that are committed, we've spoke to on the phone, they've read our contract, they understand our process and they still want to adopt with top selection then we do allow for non-refundable deposits.  These families have been approved for a Sugar Pine Doodle.  We do not accept deposits prior to speaking with our families.  If you would like to be considered for one of our puppies please fill out our Application & Contact Form, text us (209-256-7095 & 209-217-7116), email us ( or call us (209-256-7095 & 209-217-7116).  Non-refundable deposits are 515 (500 deposit plus 3% fee to online payment collection).   I do my best to keep this list updated but please allow time for me to place your name on the list.


  1. Please fill our our Application & Contact Form. If you don't hear from Dale or Jeannine, then please text both of us, in the same message (209-217-7116 & 209-256-7095) inquiring about your application. Email isn't always reliable neither is text with where we live because we have regular the internet and reception issues.

  2. We can call, text, FaceTime or email to answer your questions.

  3. Once we've talked and you are ready to place a non-refundable deposit, please request the password for viewing our contract, if we forget to give it to you. Our contract can be found here or under Puppies then Sugar Pine Doodle's Contract.

  4. After viewing the contract, making a non-refundable deposit then we schedule a visit and/or pick-up date or you will be placed on our waitlist until your puppy is born.

Sugar Pine Doodles reserves the right to hold back, switch or exchange any puppy for any reason.