1. Big Soft Blanket with mommy's comforting scent

  2. Thorough examination with a licensed veterinarian

  3. Trupanion Pet Insurance  (family must activate within 24 hours of adoption and pay)

  4. Two or Eight year health guarantee

  5. Microchipping with pre-paid membership

  6. First round of vaccines (age appropriate following Dr Jean Dobbs Protocol)

  7. 3-day worming medication or our preferred 30 days of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade  

  8. Probiotics for your puppy's first 7 to 10 days

  9. Crate-training started at 5-7 weeks & a crate for additional amount of 45

  10. Puppy diaper & potty pad for the ride home

  11. Puppy sized stuffed animal & chew toy

  12. Pet Toothbrush

  13. Ten day supply of Life's Abundance All Stages Puppy/Dog Food

  14. Wysiwash (please bring empty dark jug or spray bottle)

  15. Membership to our Sugar Pine Doodles Families Private Facebook Group

  16. Yearly invitation to our annual, catered doodle picnic in Danville, California

  17. Puppy-sitting with Sugar Pine Doodles while waiting for vaccines to take effect and facilities won't accept puppy (additional fee)

  18. Lifetime of Support

  19. Upgraded puppy package for additional amount

  20. Delivery for additional amount

Big, Soft Blanket With Mom's Scent

Your puppy will come with a blanket with Mom's scent.  Puppies do better with their transition to your home with some bedding that smells like home. We take pride in really saturating our blankets with Mom's scent. We plan months ahead of time and have Mom lay on her stack of fleece blankets to really get them Mommy-wonderful. Plus, right before your puppy hops in your car with you we rub Mom down once more with this blanket then send it on with you. You are encouraged to cut it in half and never wash it. When the blanket starts walking around and barking then you may want clean it....our blankets have been known to do this....lol.

Thorough Examination With A Licensed Veterinarian 

We have each puppy health tested by a licensed Veterinarian and you will get a copy or digital copy of the paperwork . If needed we provide additional paperwork to allow you to travel over state lines or out of the country with your puppy (please check travel rules as each state & country differs) and let us know you would like this 10 day health certificate. Now, we don't want our doodles in cargo areas but they are welcome to ride on an airplane under your seat and typically paperwork isn't needed for that type of travel except for proof of vaccinations; however, always check prior to travel and don't take our word for it. We recently flew a puppy to Texas and it was a 1000% positive experience, in flight, with Delta Airlines.  We've also have outstanding experiences with United Airlines.


Two And Eight Year Health Guarantees

We provide a 2 or 8 year guarantee.  We do everything humanly possible to make sure you are getting a healthy pet. However, we also provide a health guarantee with each puppy. If a puppy was to get a life threatening genetic disease in the first two years we will provide you with another puppy. We have this written in great detail on our contract. It explains everything but essentially we want this the most positive experience for your family and we will make sure you have a great pet for many years to come. For our families that feed their doodle Life's Abundance Dog Food, LA Treats, LA Vitamins, and use Life's Abundance non-toxic-chemical household cleaners, and get Life's Abundance Pet Insurance for around 20-30 a month that has amazing coverage (like all your preventative appts, emergencies, etc) we provide up to an 8* year health guarantee. Yes, 8 years! We know our puppies are that healthy, if they receive proper care, top quality fresh food, and get regular vet care they will live 8 years minimum. We don't just claim good health we STAND behind it. What a concept, right? We provide all the details on our adoption & puppy care contract*.


Trupanion Pet Insurance

We provide our families with Trupanion Pet Insurance certificate that needs to be activated with in 24 hours of the puppies adoption.  This provides our families with coverage that goes into effect immediately.  Any new accidents or illnesses that occur in our puppies new home will be covered by Trupanion. Terms and conditions do apply so please refer to www.trupanion.com for more details.  


Microchipping With Pre-Paid Membership

We microchip each puppy and we are now pre-paying for your membership with the microchipping company.   Why microchip?  If your pet is ever lost it can be scanned and safely returned home even if the pets collar is missing. The microchip is placed under the pets skin and never comes out.  Over the last couple of months we stopped microchipping because I couldn't bare seeing our puppies in pain from the oversized needle.  As a result, our vet  encouraged us to direct our families to chip when their puppy was under anesthesia getting spayed or neutered.  Over this time frame I've been investigating all microchips to find the best one possible for our puppies.  Good news, I just found a chip that is 25% smaller and it's improved from typical microchip and the needle is smaller so we will once again be microchipping all our puppies! I'm now very happy with the new smaller chip and smaller needle.  Microchipping is essentially painless to the puppies now that we have a smaller needle.  Plus, we really need that identification for our health guarantee and to help you make sure you can always identify your pet. We have heard of tattoos instead of microchipping...ouch. Just know we are open to your requests and no question is silly to ask.



First Round Of Vaccines

We do the first round of vaccines. We prefer to wait the day before your puppy goes home with you then you know three to four weeks out is your next appointment. Sometimes puppies will get their vaccinations at 7-8 weeks but our preference is to wait until the puppy is as old as possible. With that in mind, you will only need to have two more rounds done before the puppy will be safe to go to the park or for a walk through your neighborhood. Please know that until those vaccines are complete your puppy isn't safe in public places or playing with animals outside of your home.  Now, we aren't experts so we do look to the professionals for our vaccine Protocols.  We have found that we like the conservative recommendations of Dr. Jean Dodd's and I've included her vaccination schedule below.  

We give all puppies Nobivac Puppy DPv (Distemper & Parvovirus) at or after 8 weeks of age.  The stickers, found on the vaccine given to your puppy, will be placed on a health record given to you on adoption day.  You will then bring this health record to your veterinarian who will recommend further vaccinations and preventative treatments for your area.  Now, we do have our opinions but we aren't licensed veterinarians and we prefer to leave the important stuff like that to them; however, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be an active participant, asking questions, doing your homework, and questioning each and every pharmaceutical item given to your new family member.  If your veterinarian doesn't want to explain why they are giving things to your pet and they don't know the side effects then you may want to get a second opinion or consult our vet.  We are here to support you on these things and we are always just a phone call away.  This type of support will be provided to you and your family for the entire life of your doodle.  :)  


3 Day Deworming

We deworm & provide addition preventative medication for your puppy. When you pick up your puppy we've  dewormed and we will give you medication at that time to ensure your puppy adjusts well to their new environment. That move away from Mom and their litter mates can be really stressful and that stress can challenge a small puppies immune system so we want to prevent any issues ahead of time.  You will receive a box of Panacur® C Canine Dewormer to give to your puppy as directed on the box for three consecutive days.

Panacur® C Canine Dewormer treats and controls roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina), hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala), whipworms (Trichuris vulpis) and tapeworms (Taenia pisiformis) in dogs and puppies 6 weeks of age and older. Contains 22.2% Fenbendazole in each dosage unit. Easy-to-feed granule form. Safe for pregnant dams.



On adoption day, it's so exciting for your puppy to finally come home with you.  You've been counting down the days to bring him or her home.  On the other hand, your puppy has no idea they are about to be adopted and leave the only home they've ever known.  Your puppy has no idea how much they are going to love their new life with you.  How could they possibly understand how truly lucky they are?  With that in mind, there first week or so they will be adjusting to the new smells, new schedule, new sounds, and new family. During this time frame your puppy is vulnerable to pesky things popping up that were not an issue at our home.  Typically, most breeders know their puppies are vulnerable during this transition so they prophylactically treat their puppies with things like "Fishzole" which is Metronidazole,  an antibiotic sold for use with fish but it's the exact same antibiotic that is prescribed by veterinarians and doctors.  All your antibiotics, sold through your pharmacy can be purchased in the form of fish antibiotics.  It's one of those dirty secrets in the breeding world.  Well, maybe it's not a secret but when it was first told to me I had breeders telling me to order the biggest bottle and to just hand them out to all our puppies a couple of days prior to adoption.  The first thing I did was consult my veterinarian and ask him about this because I  was pretty certain that was dispensing medication without a prescription which was very unethical, as far as I was concerned.  My vet confirmed that this wasn't only unethical but it was illegal.  The reason being that this medication is toxic and should only be given when a puppy has a positive poop test and that usually doesn't happen when a puppy is with the breeder and instead things pop up when a puppy leaves the breeder and experiences the stress of their new environment.   Given all this information we prefer to support a strong immune system by giving additional probiotics supporting their digestive system.  We do not give antibiotics, unless we have a positive poop test or a diagnosis illness and our veterinarian has prescribed medication.  In fact, with all our poop tests we've never had a positive poop test but we have had puppies go home and then have a positive test.  In these cases we do guarantee our doodles and we will make payment to your vet if mediation is needed within the first 72 hours of your puppy coming home with you.  We live in the mountains with wild animals, chickens, and cats so our doodles are exposed to many things despite our artificial grass, regular disinfecting of all surfaces and lix-its on all our faucets.  In the past our doodles water bowls would get dirty the minute we sat them down so we recently installed lix-it's on all our faucets to stop any poop on the paws contamination in the water bowls. In addition, I purchases a microscope and supplies to test all areas to make sure no pests are lingering in spots I think are safe.  I'm using this opportunity to get my son excited about science.  


Early Crate  Training 

We begin crate training at 5 weeks. We have the puppies sleep in our temperature controlled master bedroom, despite how cramped it can get, at night to prepare them for a pleasant life with their new family. Our crate training begins with three or two puppies sharing a crate until the crying stops and then each puppy is separated into it's own crate. By 7 weeks the crying stops and the puppies learn that crying or whimpering isn't the best way to communicate with us. Plus, the puppies adjust to family members walking by their crates at all hours and only when the sun comes up do the puppies let us know it's morning time :). Please know, I'm a night owl and I walk past all the puppies at wee hours and they have all stopped barking and simply observe me walking by, that's if they even wake up. Our puppies learn their crate is their comfortable home and with their bedding changed & cleaned (twice a day initially for leaks) then as needed, with a thoughtful schedule, our puppies walk into their crate by command at 7 weeks. We keep our puppies on a schedule which makes for a really happy, stimulated puppy and happy breeders. We don't leave our puppies unattended for longer than a couple of hours and there is always someone home with them. Our puppies are socialized with my children, their friends, other dogs, our outdoor cats, our chickens, our neighbors, and many hands in their ears, mouths, and touching their paws. We clip their nails, give them baths, introduce them to a kiddie pool (only in the mild weathered months) and water play, and rinse their paws & butts many times. Each puppy is held, cuddled, and loved on regularly.  We also have crates available for 40.  We try to keep a supply of crates for families to decide last minute if they need one.  We used to just include crates but many families didn't want the one we used , already had one and it got confusing if we should discount if they didn't need one.  As a result, we felt it was fair to offer the crate for a small amount to those needing one and to always keeping them on hand for our last minute families needing one.


Meeting And Staying Connected To Fellow Sugar Pine Doodle's Families

We have a private Facebook Group for you to connect, brag, and socialize with all our past, present, and future doodle families. Imagine this: It's the wee hours of the morning and you have this concern, question, or idea and need someone to ask about your doodle....TAH-DAH...who better than a Sugar Pine Doodle family? They've been there, they've been through it, and they may just live right around the corner from you. I have to admit, I go in our group and I just feel my heart growing from what our families are creating....it's a doodle support group. Plus, it's private....did you read that...private. You don't have to worry about prying eyes or social stockers. It's our cool, beautiful, loving families all in one place connecting, socializing, recommending, learning, bragging, and posting photos and videos of their doodles. 


Upgraded Puppy Package

We offer an Upgraded Puppy Package:  For our new families, getting their first puppy or families that don't have all the puppy supplies, we offer an upgraded package that includes everything you need for a new puppy which can include delivery for an additional amount. (Like I said earlier, the investment is what most Australian Labradoodle breeders charge for a puppy. We also provide a crate and goody bag for our new puppy families. It contains reading material (we can email it, print it, put it on disc, & most is available on our site) containing valuable information on the proper care, training, grooming, pet emergencies, socialization, house training for puppies, as well as, our home number with permission to call us anytime day or night for emergencies. We provide a powder coated metal crate with two doors, a plush crate bed, a blanket with Mom's scent to comfort your new puppy.  We provide a ten day supply of Life's Abundance puppy food that your puppy has been eating. We provide an extreme Kong puppy toy, Kong rope toy, puppy treats, a puppy grooming brush, puppy & dog 3 sizes tooth brush, puppy tooth paste, Bitter Apple, puppy shampoo, a puppy leather, adjustable, US made collar, with the puppies name engraved and your phone number on a tag, a matching leather leash, some puppy diapers, some potty pads, puppy pro-biotics, a regular sized pooper scooper, bull pizzels (dried penis....I know but dogs love them), hollow bones that last almost forever, poop-bag holder that attaches to the leash & extra bags, and misc puppy items & treats. If certain items are not available we will send them through Amazon or give a credit back. Our goal is to make sure you have all the things your puppy needs so your family starts out with less stress and we can keep you out of pet stores where so many puppy diseases are lingering.