Available Rescues or Re-homes

We actively rescue doodle mixes from numerous sources.  We are on some doodle rescue lists and many vets and shelters have our number.  Many of our rescues have come from word of mouth.  When we receive a rescue we do quarantine them from our doodles for a minimum of three weeks then do thorough testing for diseases before they come to our home.  We typically work with a rescue for three to six months or as long as it takes.  Next, is our re-homed doodles.  Per our contract, we require all our adopting families, that can no longer care for their doodle, to return them to us for placement.  A doodle can be returned for numerous reasons but in most cases that doodle is just too much for their adopting family.  As a result, we occasionally have doodles available as re-homes. Adoption fees vary from covering our expenses from vet care, transportation fees, shelter fees, special medications, spaying/neutering, grooming, additional training and even behaviorists evaluations.  We always get a second and third opinion from outside trainers and behaviorists with every incoming dog.  These evaluations are very informal and are more for the safety of our family and our doodles.  We do not provide extensive reports, clinical diagnosis or professional evaluations.  Instead, we use all the information we've collected and we work with each doodle until we can see they are ready for their forever home.  Each of the doodles we offer are dogs I can and would live with myself.  Now, I've been bitten numerous times, I've always had dogs, I've always rescued dogs and I'm quite experienced with dogs.  With that said, I do not believe rescues or re-homes are appropriate for families with children and I prefer dogs with questionable pasts to go to families that are experienced with owning a dog.  Please do not consider a rescued or re-homed doodle for the cost savings alone.  Instead, consider a rescue or re-home for all the other wonderful benefits and perks of adopting an older dog.  All of our rescues come with a contract, worming medication, blanket, 10 days of food, probiotics, toy, chew toy, tooth brush, microchip with lifetime membership in most cases, current vaccines, spayed or neutered, all the health records in our possession, life-time of support and small adoption fee.  Past rescues and re-homes have ranged from 500 to 1600 depending on many factors like costs incurred, age, training, desirable traits and expenses incurred to make them forever home ready.       


Re-homes, Rescues, Older Pups or Doodles with Improper Coat


  1. Male, Chocolate mix, Australian Labradoodle with behavior challenges.  This doodle bit the groomer and likes to bite the vet.  The family is concerned it could decide to bite others as well so they are considering returning him.  We are seeking a more mature home with no young children.  More information to come.  If you are interested please go to Puppies, Application & Contact Form and fill it out and specify considering a re-home in the comment section.  Please contact Jeannine 209-217-7116 & Dale 209-256-7095 in the same text message (a three way message to ensure you get a faster response)

Improper Coat

  1. Our improper coat male has been adopted


  1. "Sassy" Chocolate Female Australian Labradoodles with demodex mange (non-contagious mites) that is currently under going treatment and will be neutered soon.  She is a love and super cute.  Her coat on her legs and face have filled in while her back is still being treated.  If she is placed now with her future family committing to finishing her treatment then she will be drastically discounted.  Once her coat fills in and she looks more normal then her adoption amount will increase.  n addition, please fill our an application on our site and specify Sassy.
  2. Female Labradoodle approximately 60 pounds in the New York area.  I received a text followed up with a call from a family in New York that can't keep their 9 year old doodle with hypo-thyroid. The hypothyroid causes bumps that this little girl scratches.  She has medication and her treatment is going very well.  If you are interested in this doodle please fill out an application and specify doodle in New York.