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Sugar Pine Doodles currently breeds only miniature multi-generation Australian Labradoodles.  All our puppies will reach 16 to 28 pounds approximately at maturity.  Our Winter 2017 & Spring 2018 Litters are Miniature Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle Puppies; ranging in size from 16 to 28 pounds and 20 to 30 pounds full grown with some males from certain mothers estimated to be 35 to 40 pounds and approximately 15 to 20 inches at the shoulders; male and female; low to non-shedding; allergy friendly coats.  Our puppies are from our personal pets, our families pets and our guardian home's pets.  In most cases we will have one or both parents here for you to meet.  

We currently have all our mommies here or we can have them here for your visit and available for you to meet (except for our guardian doodles that live with their families).  Our current studs are the most charming, healthy, amazing temperament, and beautiful Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle and some are here for our families to meet and play with.  Once we have spoke with your family and you've decided you would like to adopt a puppy we do allow for a 515 non-refundable deposit/payment to hold your puppy (500 plus fees), then we require full payment once your puppy is selected around 6-7 weeks.  We are accepting a select few deposits from approved families for first pick of our Fall 2018 & Winter 2018 Litters.  If you are interested in placing a deposit on our Fall 2018 & Winter 2018 Litters please contact us.  

The best and fastest way to reach us, please text me, Jeannine at 209-217-7116 and Dale at 209-256-7095.  By texting both numbers at the same time we can ensure we both are helping and reaching you.  Due to the large volume of calls, emails and messages I now have some help but it can take time to respond to each family.  Text messages seem to be the ones that received the fastest response. 

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for puppies that have been adopted.  

SHIPPING:  Currently, we are hand delivering our puppies all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and around the World.  We can deliver to a local airport near you.  We do not put puppies in cargo and we are currently doing all deliveries ourselves.  When we bring a puppy we have a system that the puppy typically sleeps the entire flight and arrives well adjusted and happy for their family.  Frequently asked questions:  Yes, breeders ship all the time and it's all wonderful...yay, for them.  Yes, it's more expensive the way we do... #sorrynotsorry.  Yes, we know United has PetSafe® and it's all perfect.  No, we don't have a set amount of what shipping costs.  We typically charge $675 to deliver a puppy but it can go way up from there based on time of year (peak vs non-peak but we have been keeping it around 675 to 1000), location, weather, etc.  We also offer front door delivery with additional time for your family to ask questions and ensure the best set-up for your new puppy.  Families are always happy with this service and feel very confident once I've left.  With all deliveries, we require full payment plus shipping two weeks prior to our departure.  We do prefer to stay the night or two in the city we are delivering to so we can support our family just incase there are any issues.  Sometimes this isn't possible due to our schedule but we are then only a phone call away.


fall & Winter 2018 litters

We are currently placing our Fall & Winter 2018 litters.  To follow our puppies daily or weekly please follow @sugarpinedoodles, @sugarpinedoodlespuppies and @spdoodle_dad on Instagram and Sugar Pine Doodles on Facebook.  We are a family and we all post different photos and updates.

We held back many of our Fall pups to have older pups for Christmas time (most older pups have been adopted but we do have a small few remaining). Last year we had many requests for older pups that were fully vaccinated with some training so this year we have a handful. Please see below.

To inquire about these puppies please text Jeannine 209-217-7116 & Dale 209-256-7095 in the same message.  Thank you so much :)

  1. Fall/Winter Litters: Fall & Winter litter puppies are ready now. Please fill out our online application or text Jeannine 209-217-7116 & Dale 209-256-7095 in the same message.

  2. Size & Color: Winter litters will be chocolates, apricots, blacks, merles, phantoms, partis and ranging in size of 18 to 30 pounds with some males possibly reaching 35 to 40 pounds from two litters. The more creative colors we do recommend filling out our application, making a deposit and being on our reservation list. Our Fall Litters were gobbled up and our Winter reservation list is filling up faster than we anticipated. As a result, we will allow some reservations for our Spring 2018 litter. Indeed, we do try to avoid pre-selling puppies a year out. The reason, I was on a reservation list for almost a year and I was going crazy waiting for my puppy over ten years ago, as a result, I've worked diligently to keep pre-reserved pups to a minimum to allow for families to have a puppy sooner.

  3. Our Summer 2018 litters have all been adopted. Please contact us soon and we are accepting positions for our Spring 2018 litters.

  4. We are currently welcoming newborn puppies into the world and preparing for puppy selection for the Winter 2018 litters.

  5. We are accepting deposits to reserve puppies for Winter 2018 and Spring 2019 litters.


Our current available puppies

Updated 12/23/18: We currently have two remaining puppies. Please text Jeannine 209-217-7116 & Dale 209-256-7095 in the same message and/or fill out our online application.
























This little boy is adopted




To inquire about these puppies please text Jeannine 209-217-7116 & Dale 209-256-7095 in the same message.  Thank you so much :)

Recently Adopted Puppies


ADOPTED MC QUEEN: Male, chocolate, wavy fleece, Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle from Roxy & Larry born April 16th, 2017

Armani is ADOPTED

ARMANI IS ADOPTED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Male, Blue Merle Parti, curly fleece coat, Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle, born May 3rd, from Gigi & Larry

Versace is ADOPTED

ADOPTED VERSACE: Male, Chocolate Merle Parti, curly fleece coat, Male Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle, born May 3rd, from Gigi & Larry

Lawson is adopted

Lana is adopted

Toby & Makena are adopted and with their wonderful forever home



playing at Pismo Beach 2015

Future Litter Reservation List

We do not like to presell or push for deposits on unborn litters; however, we do like our very serious families that are committed, we've spoke to on the phone, they've read our contract, they understand our process and they still want to adopt with top selection then we do allow for deposits.  These families have been approved for a Sugar Pine Doodle.  We do not accept deposits prior to speaking with our families.  If you would like to be considered for our Spring Litter please fill out our questionnaire, text us, email us or call us.  Non-refundable deposits are 515.