This will be told by Kona, she did a little ESP and had me type this for her.


So, first I'm up at 6 am and maybe even earlier.  I'm let out right after I wake up.  I'm very careful to stand at the front door until I'm told it's okay to run outside and relieve myself.  This is when I really breath in the morning air, I'm given fresh water when the water bowls are turned over, I'm fed my favorite dog food and usually there is an egg mixed up in it with some warm water.  I can tell when I eat that my food has no fillers or grain because my tummy feels good and I have lots of energy.  All the other dogs are right there next to me but they know I'm the boss and queen.  I've trained them all well. 


Next, Dale puts a leash on me and a couple of other dogs and we go to the bus stop.  I love my morning walk and when it's not my turn I just go back to bed with Mom.  After stretching some more, lounging around, watching my Mom get ready and sneaking in some hugs and kisses we are off in a car ride.  I don't ever know where we are going but I know we are going somewhere.  When my Mom get's her purse on her shoulder I know I'm going for a car ride.  Now, I really don't care what dogs come with us because I know my seat and it's behind Dale so I can keep my eyes on my Mom.  We may go to the Feed Barn, Lowes or grocery shopping but I never touch the groceries or chew on anything except my dog treats. 


By the time we make it home my stomach is growling and I'm ready for another meal.  So, all the dogs come together and we eat once again.  Now is when I get to lay on the lawn, play with the other dogs, and find the perfect shady spot to take a good nap.  Some of the doodles are in a huge metal pen on the grass just to keep them safe and the good dogs like me just get to lay around in the yard. 


These same guys show up all the time with boxes saying amazon on them...and sometimes in those boxes are treats for me.  All I know is Dale gives my Mom this look like...Again? 


Next, the kids show up for some fun.  When the little guy shows up we chase after balls and sticks and if I don't win I may just steal it aways from one of the smaller dogs but finders keepers losers weepers.


After all that playing I just might get a bath or have my hair cut.  This only happens once a month but I can see the look in their eyes and I know it's curtains...shower curtains for me.  I may like the bath once it starts but I'll never admit it.  Plus, I may act a little more prissy once I'm clean and trimmed up but darn it, I look good. 


Now it's just about dinner time.  I make sure I sit at the edge of the kitchen.  This is where all the good food comes from.  When I hear my named called I know it's time to lick the floor or I may get a treat from dinner.  Just before dinner is ready all of us dogs get fed, with fresh water, and we all go in our crates to settle down while the family eats dinner. 


Once dinner is done we all trot outside and relieve ourselves, we go for a walk, and then it just might be a movie night.  All of us dogs come inside, I get the big pillow on the floor or a seat on the couch.  Some of us are crated in the wood coffee table crates, some of us get a nice lap to sit in, and some of us can't wait to get in our crates so we can get some sleep. 


Before bed we all go out one last time and sometimes my Mom might let me out again a couple of hours later at midnight.  When I go to sleep I stretch out, I snore, and I prefer the big pillow on my Mom's floor. Pepper gets to sleep in the bed but I need more room on the floor.  Chloe likes to sleep with her head under the bed with only her body sticking out.  But I like to sleep where I can keep an eye on my Mom and follower her anytime she wakes up throughout the night. 


The next morning I'm up at 6 am and ready for a new my people family, love my dog family, and they all love me!